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A promising initiative for political influence

advocacy campaign • 20 June 2022

In April 2019, a large agricultural mobilisation took place in Peru, organised by CONVEAGRO and its civil society allies, to demand more dialogue between the country’s executive and the different agricultural organisations.

This mobilisation led to important negotiations with the Peruvian government. In fact, shortly afterwards, various working groups were created around central themes such as family farming, agricultural financing and insurance, and water resource management.

It was an unprecedented collaboration between representatives of farmers’ organisations and public authorities, where all the actors of the farming world united with one voice to influence political decisions.

In this publication, you will be able to discover the outcomes of these negotiations, both the agreements reached and the issues that still remain points of tension.

You will also be able to measure the involvement of SOS Faim alongside CONVEAGRO throughout the organisation of the agricultural mobilisation and the discussions that followed.

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