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Farming Dynamics

Farming Dynamics advertises the initiatives taken by farmers' organisations in the context of their various functions, analyses them and draws conclusions from them. Would you like to subscribe? Simply send an email with your full contact details to

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Agroforestry systems in Bolivia

Between 2019 and 2022, SOS Faim in association with the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), the NGO Eclosio, our partner AOPEB and a Bolivian university…

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#family agriculture

A promising initiative for political influence

In April 2019, a large agricultural mobilisation took place in Peru, organised by CONVEAGRO and its civil society allies, to demand more dialogue between the…

Ecoconstruction against climate change.

An original partnership in Burkina Faso Although it contributes modestly to global greenhouse gas emissions, Burkina Faso is already experiencing the effects of global warming:…

#family agriculture

Supporting umbrella organisations: a wise bet ?

In 2010, SOS Faim made a strategic choice to focus its support in Bolivia and Peru on umbrella organisations (of secondary level), placing yet another…

#advocacy campaign
#family agriculture

Influencing decision-makers

The new publication of Farming Dynamics deciphers the advocacy campaigns that SOS Faim has been has been undertaking  for more than 20 years. The first one…

#family agriculture

An Original Experience of Farm Council in Senegal

Why did an umbrella farmers’ organisation get involved in Farm Councils ? FONGS is a Senegalese umbrella farmers’ organisation that brings together more than 30…

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#territorial development

Territorial Development : from Theory to Practice

For nearly 20 years, SOS Faim has been supporting territorial development initiatives, particularly in rural areas. Why ? In a given territory, there is a…

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