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Acting for the transition to sustainable food systems and international solidarity

Our mission in Belgium is to promote and accompany the agro-ecological transition necessary to build Sustainable Food Systems that will allow the emergence of the world we want.

The transition to sustainable food systems in Belgium and in the other countries where we work is inseparable. This is why, in Belgium, in Europe and in support of our countries of intervention, we advocate with our partners so that this transition is at the center of agricultural and food public policies and at the heart of the concerns of consumers, farmers’ movements, their organizations and other actors involved in food systems.

Our work focuses on three issues: international trade and policy coherence, climate and agroecology, and inequalities in food systems, including gender inequalities.

Raising awareness to drive the transition

We raise public awareness through our Alimenterre Festival and by organizing large public information and awareness campaigns. We also work with students in agronomy - actors so essential to tomorrow's food - through our JAGROS program. Finally, we regularly call on our decision-makers to implement policies that promote sustainable food systems!

To support awareness, we develop educational tools, magazines and create podcasts and videos - all available through our distribution channels. These different tools allow us to raise awareness, to highlight how the transition is happening and working... but also to denounce the inconsistencies and cynicism of the dominant food system.

More concretely, we act in Belgium and in Europe by :

Advocacy actions with political decision-makers and institutions, and occasionally with the private sector, so that they defend sustainable food systems and implement favorable policies.

Awareness-raising actions on our issues towards the general public (via our Alimenterre Belgium Festival, among others) and niche audiences – young people in higher education, our volunteers.

Mobilizations in Belgium: we mobilize our audiences on a regular basis to reinforce our awareness work and support our advocacy strategy.

Support to our partners: we support the advocacy and awareness work of our African and Latin American partners and/or strategic allies.

Support to transition initiatives in Belgium: we support transition alternatives in Belgium with which we have shared advocacy interests.

Our volunteers, a golden network!

Since 2008, SOS Faim has been mobilizing volunteers to support its actions, to multiply them, to give them more strength and scope!
We can count on a solid network of volunteers who are a precious support for the organization of all our awareness actions (particularly Alimenterre Festival) and even for the writing of our publications.

Without our volunteers, we would not be able to carry out our mission of information, awareness and mobilization of the Belgian and European populations and institutions.

Thank you to our volunteers for their great commitment to a fairer and sustainable world without hunger!

Key figures

  • 136KAwareness (excluding social networks)

  • 39KRecipients of our publications

  • 198Volunteers

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