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Family farming Barometer 2021

• 29 March 2022

For the past four years, the Family Farming Barometer has addressed the issues which affect family farming and to which family farming is responding. It has investigated the transition to sustainable food systems, which would ensure food security for all, today and tomorrow.

For this new edition, the Family Farming Barometer is  focusessing on knowledge and research. Building sustainable food systems implies the creation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge adapted to the challenges of our times, the needs of farmers and the specificities of each territory. In this barometer, we will pose the question of whether the production of knowledge and science is neutral. We will discover that agri-food research remains largely at the service of industrial agriculture and the status quo, and that it can be instrumentalized, even manipulated, to benefit certain particular interests.

In the interviews, we will explore with Fernando Lopez how research can respond to the demands of family farming; we will learn from Charlotte Pavageau how to help international research evolve so that it supports the agroecological transition; and we will discover with Pierre Stassart that, despite numerous initiatives within universities, there is still a long way to go before agroecology is truly taken into account.

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