West African farmer organisations dealing with a new decision-making sphere

As in many regions in the world, policies are more and more based on a supranational level, the regional level in West Africa. Mainly for historical reasons, West Africa has 2 regional decision-making spheres: the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and the UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union), which have very important skills in terms of farming.

In this respect, in 2000, they decided to create the Network of Farmers and Agricultural Producers’ Organisations from West Africa (ROPPA) currently composed of 12 national member platforms. They created it to defend the viewpoints of national farmer organisations.

SOS Faim and the ROPPA

Since its creation in 2000, SOS Faim has supported the ROPPA financially by giving it the opportunity to organise and structure itself at regional level and  defend farmers’ challenges. By being quickly famous internationally, the ROPPA benefited from financial supports related to its ambitions that enabled SOS Faim withdrawal.

Since 2009, SOS Faim has become involved in a common advocacy with several West African farmer platforms and the ROPPA. This advocacy, mainly directed to European and African members of Parliament, aims at giving concrete expression to the farmer organisations’ vision of farming.

The ROPPA, key player in West Africa

In addition to an international recognition giving access to significant funding, the main result obtained by the ROPPA was the adoption by West Africa of an agricultural policy in line with its expectations.

Future expectations

With a regional agricultural policy in line with its expectations, the ROPPA will now have to pursue its advocacy in order to implement these policies with budgets corresponding to the planned goals. SOS Faim will carry on with its commitment in a common advocacy with national platforms and the ROPPA.

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