Family farming in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has the 2nd largest population country in Africa, the vast majority of whom live in rural areas. 31% of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day, and undernutrition is a recurrent problem.

Although the government has begun to emphasise agricultural sector development, the growth of this sector is very slow and the problems of poverty and food insecurity are still a major challenge for the country, specifically for small farmers. Family farming, to develop, must overcome many obstacles such as recurrent drought, lack of irrigation infrastructures, market dysfunctions, and difficulties accessing financial services.


SOS Faim’s action in Ethiopia

SOS Faim has supported family farming in the Ethiopia since the early 1980s in order to fight rural poverty and food insecurity. We work with microfinance institutions and a local NGO specialised in strengthening farmer groups. SOS Faim encourages microfinance institutions and farmers to come closer together to better meet the needs of the most vulnerable people.

SOS Faim supports three local partners

This support benefits 1,295  farmers

SOS Faim invested €190,963 in 2014 to fight hunger in Ethiopia

Our partners in Ethiopia


Microfinance institutions

Local NGO

  • Hundee – Oromo Grassroot Development Initiative 

Other partners supported by SOS Faim Luxembourg

  • Harbu Microfinance
  • FC – Facilitators for Change