Family farming in Ecuador

Although Ecuador is undergoing sustained economic growth, rural areas are still heavily affected by poverty and food insecurity. 70% of people living in poverty are in rural areas. Poverty affects women and indigenous peoples especially strongly.

In Ecuador, two agricultural models co-exist: export agriculture and family farming. This coexistence implies a major inequality in the distribution of production factors: 70% of farmers have only 10% of the land, and 60% of irrigation water is used by 1% of farmers.


SOS Faim’s action in Ecuador

SOS Faim has supported family farming in Ecuador for more than 20 years in order to fight rural poverty and food insecurity. We work with a network of savings and credit cooperatives and a local NGO in order to improve the financial and marketing services provided by rural organisations for small family farms.

Our support is concentrated in the rural areas of six provinces (Esmeraldas, Napo, Guayas, Chimborazo, Manabí and Pichincha), which are hard-hit by poverty, but the network of cooperatives is national in scope.

SOS Faim supports two local partners

This support benefits 85,552 rural families

SOS Faim invested €479,426 in 2014 to fight hunger in Ecuador

Our partners in Ecuador


Savings and credit cooperative

  • CAAP Cooperativa Alternativa de Acción Popular