Family farming in Peru

Despite strong economic growth, Peru is a place of great inequalities: cities are doing better but rural zones are still particularly affected by poverty and food insecurity. 56% of farmers go hungry and most of them live in the Andean Sierra, the poorest region of the country. The agricultural sector receives only very paltry public investments and has a high concentration of poverty: 56% of the poor and 80% of the very poor practice farming, fishing or small-scale mining.


SOS Faim’s action in Peru

SOS Faim has supported family farming in Peru since the late 1990s in order to fight rural poverty and food insecurity. SOS Faim supports farmers’ organisations and microfinance institutions by strengthening their advocacy and financial, advisory, processing and marketing services for family farms.

We focus our action more specifically in the southern parts of the country (the Sierra), in the departments of Apurimac, Cusco and Puno—zones that are characterised by very high poverty rates (between 50% and 97%).


SOS Faim supports 10 local partners

This support benefits 181,040 rural families

SOS Faim invested €1,056,000 in 2014 to fight hunger in Peru

Our partners in Peru

perou   Microfinance institutions

  • CIDERURAL – Central de Servicios Financieros Rurales Solidarios
  • FOGAL – Fondo de Garantía Latinoamericana

Farmers’ organisations

  • Coffee and Cocoa :
  • Andean cereals : CAAP – Central Agroandina del Perú
  • Organic products : ANPE – Asociación Nacional de Productores Ecológicos del Perú


  • CONVEAGRO – Convención Nacional del Agro Peruano
  • CEPES – Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales
  • REMURPE – Red de Municipalidades Urbanas y Rurales del Perú