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The Malian NGO le Tonus was created in 1996, following a cooperation project supported by the German Development Service.
In almost 35 years, this NGO has acquired a great deal of experience in various sectors, including the education/literacy sector, the health/nutrition sector and the local development sector.
Le Tonus is composed of a multidisciplinary team of 35 people. It is mainly active in the regions of Koulikoro, Kayes, Sikasso and Ségou. Its headquarters are based near Bamako, but it also has eight operational branches spread across these regions.

Le Tonus & SOS Faim: results and perspectives

Le Tonus and SOS Faim have established relations while participating in a programme co-financed by the African Development Bank and the Malian Ministry of Agriculture. This programme aims to improve populations’ resilience to food and nutritional insecurity in the regions of Kayes and Koulikoro.

Le Tonus is responsible for the “Nutrition Enhancement” component of this programme, which has enabled the installation of a thousand kitchen-gardens as well as a travelling caravan to raise awareness about effective nutritional practices. However, due to the high level of insecurity in the area and the Covid-19 pandemic, the NGO had to adopt a different strategy, with less festive caravans strictly taking place inside community health centres. These caravans were nevertheless able to raise awareness among 1,740 people in about ten villages in the two regions of intervention. This project includes culinary demonstrations, using corn and fortified flours, as well as the integration of nutrition indicators into epidemiological surveillance.

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