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For a sustainable cereal sector in Mali

Cereal production in Mali has increased over the past two decades, but this productivity has led to a progressive degradation of the soil and natural resources. Not to mention the effects of climate change, to which producers must constantly adapt.

For this reason, the Association of Professional Farmers’ Organisations (AOPP) has included in its new strategic plan specific guidelines on climate change, calling this chapter “Adaptation to climate change and involvement for better environmental management”.

Facing climate and economic risks together

This has been the general objective of the AOPP since its creation in 1995: improving the living conditions of farmers, and enabling them to fight effectively against climate hazards and its economic consequences. The AOPP has now more than 200 member farmers’ organisations – trade unions, cooperatives, cereal banks, farmers’ organisations for integrated development – spread over Mali’s ten administrative regions.

In order to meet the technical and economic needs of producers, the AOPP set up five thematic commissions between 1997 and 2003. These included the “Cereals” commission, which is part of the strategic chapter on climate change adaptation supported by SOS Faim.


The partnership between AOPP and SOS Faim is both financial and technical, and includes advice on the use of new information and communication technologies for example. It has led to the creation of a platform connecting certified seed producers in the AOPP network with seed buyers.

Encouraging results

The AOPP recorded very good results in 2017 :

  • 55 managers of seed cooperatives were equipped with smartphones and trained to use the online platform that allows potential buyers to find out about the availability of seed stocks from AOPP cooperatives
  • Sales of certified seed by members of the AOPP network have increased considerably, from 256 to 664 tonnes

What prospects ?

AOPP wants to strengthen the online platform monitoring seed stocks, and to extend it to other seed cooperatives in Mali.

It also wishes to create a union of seed cooperatives at the regional level, to pursue the establishment of a seed system in Mali.

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