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Defending the interests of rural women

APROFEL is a farmers’ organisation working to promote and defend the interests of rural women throughout the province of Kongo-Central. Created in 1993, it is now composed of 41 organisations with more than 1,400 members. It supports a successful agricultural model based on sustainable family farming, while helping local organisations getting structured and defending the interests of rural women.

APROFEL directly supports food production in the Lukula region, where it has set up a farm-school for learning agricultural techniques, providing farmers with plug plants and seeds and creating school fields. APROFEL also organises the palm oil production chain.

They also encourage peer-to-peer knowledge transmission, which has more chances to foster a sustainable appropriation of techniques.


Since 2008, SOS Faim has supported APROFEL on four levels :
- Financial support for the smooth running of its executive secretariat and the consolidation of its governance
- Technical support in management
- Development of an empowerment strategy
- Establishment of a network of female farmers in Kongo-Central province

What prospects ?

We estimate a total number of beneficiaries at 3,126 by 2021.

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