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Informing and defending farmers' rights in Mali

In 2006, Mali’s Agricultural Orientation Law aspired to promote family farming, and to enhance the country’s agricultural expertise.

The CAD-Mali intervenes at the political level to enable farmers, young people and women in poverty to exercise their rights to food, education, health, land, etc.

CAD-Mali in brief

The Coalition of African Alternatives Dept et Development is a social movement defending people’s rights, founded in 2001 in Mali.

It gathers nearly a hundred civil society organisations, including farmers’ organisations, women and youth groups, trade unions, religious associations (Muslim and Christian) and individuals committed to the cause of peoples.

Its mission is to eradicate the mechanisms obstructing development, such as the external public debt of Southern countries, in order to satisfy basic human needs (health, education, work) in Mali and in the rest of Africa.

For this purpose, the CAD-Mali carries out advocacy campaigns with political authorities to provide equitable access for all to basic social services, such as education, water, energy, health, etc. These campaigns aim to involve populations in the essential decisions that concern them first and foremost, for example by advocating for the introduction of a referendum on the privatisation of a railway company.


Since 2017, SOS Faim offers technical and financial support for the management (staff costs) and the projects of the organisation:
- Studies and analyses of Malian public agricultural policies
- Information, awareness-raising and mobilisation sessions

Encouraging results

Since the partnership began, the CAD-Mali has set up the Grassroots Monitoring Committee, whose role is to influence local development policies in favour of family agriculture.

In addition, the coalition has carried out a study on the funding of agriculture in Mali.

Finally, it has drafted a manifesto with a series of recommendations for the candidates for the presidential election of 29 July 2018.

What prospects ?

The various studies on public funds invested in the agricultural sector should enable CAD-Mali to carry out better advocacy work in favour of family farming.

It is also imperative to connect the different civil society actors who are campaigning for family farming to be integrated into development policies in Mali.

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