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A particularly vulnerable area

Close to the Mauritanian border, the isolated regions of Nioro and Nara suffer from poverty and hunger. The majority of farmers lack technical and financial means, they have difficulty getting food and most households can only produce a food storage capacity equivalent to nine months’ consumption. Their level of education is very low: more than 60% of heads of household are illiterate.

In order to sustainably improve the food security of the inhabitants, SOS Faim has set up a programme with the Malian NGO CAEB (Council and Support for Basic Education). This programme is co-financed by the Belgian Fund for Food Security and implemented in a concerted manner by five Belgian NGOs and two United Nations agencies.

A Malian NGO specialising in agricultural matters

The Malian NGO CAEB was founded in 1994 with the mission to enhance the institutional and organisational capacities of farmers’ organisations through training and advice, and to encourage their involvement in the development of their localities. It has a multidisciplinary team of agronomists, economists and specialists in social and solidarity economy.

The new programme supported by SOS Faim

Based on the observations made in the intervention zone of Nioro and Nara, the partnership between SOS Faim and CAEB carries out the following activities:
- Consolidating the structuring of farmers' organisations in the area
- Training farmers' organisations, particularly in agro-ecological management and techniques
- Rehabilitating cereal banks to ensure year-round supply
- Setting up market gardening perimeters for women's groups

Encouraging results

In 2017, more than 4,500 producers have increased the fertility of their soils thanks to CAEB’s production methods. Similarly, 131 organisations have been able to reinforce their organisational and management capacities.

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