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Deprived farmers with few resources

Almost 70% of the Congolese population lives below the poverty line and 95% of agricultural operations are small production farms.

CENADEP is implementing a Programme for the Integrated Development of the Lower River (PDIBF) in Kongo-Central Province. This programme aims to reduce poverty and food insecurity in rural areas through the development of family farming.

The agricultural sector is facing various difficulties :

  • Land tenure insecurity
  • Inconsistency of agricultural policies
  • Low funding for rural areas
  • Very limited number of microfinance institutions (MFIs)
  • Limited access to financial services for farmers


CENADEP is an NGO created in September 2000 by civil society actors who wanted to raise awareness about sustainable development and democracy buidling in the DRC.

CENADEP’s mission is to improve the living conditions of rural communities and enable them to be self-sufficient in a sustainable way. In order to give them better access to quality social services, the centre actively participates in the elaboration and implementation of development policies. Together with the political authorities, it wants to strengthen 70% of the farmers’ organisations, whose members should have mastered within 15 years the so-called “cultivation” farming techniques, which aim to limit tillage. This will help them to not only improve their agricultural production, but also to campaign for the recognition of their vital needs.

In concrete terms, CENADEP is carrying out the following activities :

  • Technical and institutional support for farmers’ organisations (FOs)
  • Support to POs in terms of equipment and agricultural inputs
  • Opening of three Savings and Credit Cooperatives for POs in Boma, Tshela and Nsioni
  • Setting up a Dynamic of Civil Society Organisations in Boma
  • Structuring of the FOPAKO peasant federation (Force Paysanne du Kongo-Central) in the province


SOS Faim has financially supported CENADEP since 2006. The partnership began with the implementation of the Integrated Development Programme for the Lower River (PDIBF).
In the province of Kongo-Central, SOS Faim supports CENADEP to strengthen the farmers' movement through its partner organisation FOPAKO. This serves to accompany ten farmers' associations in their management, trade of products, etc.
SOS Faim also supports the elaboration and distribution of the newspaper La Voix du Paysan Congolais.

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