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Structuring the farmers' movement

For years, Congolese farmers have wanted to solve the common problems that hamper the development of the agricultural sector. In this regard, they have organised themselves through different structures – village associations, cooperatives, unions and federations – that are active at the local, territorial or provincial levels.

In order to better organise themselves at the national level and discuss with the authorities, leaders of the provincial agricultural federations have set up the National Confederation of Agricultural Producers of Congo (CONAPAC).

CONAPAC in brief

The delegates of the provincial federations define the general policy of CONAPAC. Members of these federations are farmers’ unions, cooperatives and networks, which are themselves divided into grassroots organisations, which are called either farmers’ organisations, agricultural producers’ organisations or grassroots producers’ organisations. All these different structures constitute the farmers’ movement CONAPAC, whose physical members count more than 500,000 people.

CONAPAC’s mission is to represent and defend the interests of Congolese farmers at the national and international levels.


The partnership between CONAPAC and SOS Faim started in 2002. The aim of the partnership is to strengthen the governance and legitimacy of farmers' organisations. SOS Faim also supports gender equality initiatives, such as the organisation of female farmers' associations.

CONAPAC’s main objectives :

  • Defend and promote the interests of agricultural producers
  • Inform agricultural producers to enable them to better promote their profession
  • Support the organisation of the agricultural world in cooperatives, federations, unions
  • Ensuring good governance within member organisations

To reach these goals, the organisation uses different strategies :

  • Advocating for sustainable family farming
  • Informing and communicating about sustainable family farming
  • Putting farmers’ organisations in touch with each other and connecting them with technical, commercial and financial partners
  • Strengthening the capacities of the farmers’ organisations’ leaders
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