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An NGO serving rural communities in Ethiopia

ERSHA – Enhanced Rural Self Help Association – is an Ethiopian development NGO established in 1997. It is present in Omoro, in eastern Ethiopia, and in Amhara, in North-Choa.

The organisation organises its services around four main issues:

  • Food security: trains farmers to use more resistant plant varieties and more efficient production techniques, gets villagers prepared for the impacts of global warming on harvests
  • Access to basic social services: implements water sanitation projects, provides school materials to schools, trains families to adopt better hygiene measures
  • Socio-economic development of women and young people: establishes women self-help groups, trains women in trade and agricultural equipment, raises public awareness about children’s rights
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of local people: draws up regulations, builds offices for community organisations so they can start development projects themselves


Since 2017, the partnership aims to strengthen the technical and financial capacities of farmers' cooperatives in Oromo through the following activities:
- Trainings
- Accompaniment
- Field visits
- Exchange workshops
Cooperatives are strengthened at three levels:
- Agricultural production: improved techniques, innovations, better management
- Processing and marketing of agricultural products
- Access to financial services: connecting with microfinance institutions

Encouraging Results

At the end of 2019, ERSHA achieved the following results:

  • 11 producer cooperatives supported
  • 1,838 producers with access to the services of their cooperatives
  • 111 farmers with improved management of their plots of land.

What prospects ?

By the end of 2021, ERSHA plans to have achieved several things:

  • Empowerment of 14 agricultural cooperatives
  • 2,000 producers (37% of whom are women) with access to cooperative services
  • 840 farmers who will have better managed their plots of land

More info about ERSHA here.

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