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FASO JIGI or "hope of the people"

Faso Jigi is a farmers’ organisation born in 1997 in the region of Ségou in Mali. Its creation follows an 18-month pilot project, entitled Support Project to Cereal Marketing Mali.

Faso Jigi means “hope of the people” in Bambara and brings together agricultural cooperatives. This enables producers to play an active role in the cereal, shallot, rice and cowpea chains so they can obtain better prices for their production and enjoy a decent income that meets their basic needs.

The union currently brings together 4,300 cereal producers (rice, millet/sorghum and maize) and 1,300 shallot producers.

Faso Jigi & SOS Faim

Since 2013, SOS Faim has been supporting Faso Jigi financially and technically to help achieve several objectives:
- Improving soil fertility in order to enhance the quality of cereals and shallots placed on the market
- Establishing a seed production and distribution network and buying inputs as a group at lower cost to the producers
- Building storage facilities for shallots and cowpeas to better organise sales in the market, as selling agricultural products of members collectively allows for better prices
- Following market signals (price, supply and demand) and negotiate better credit terms for cereal operators with financial institutions

Concerning the latter, SOS Faim has put Faso Jigi in touch with the microfinance institution Kafo Jiginew, also a long-standing partner of SOS Faim, in order to facilitate the access of Faso Jigi members to medium-term agricultural credits.

Encouraging Results

The seven cowpea seed producers selected and trained by Faso Jigi have commercialised more than 1500 kg of seeds, well beyond the initial target of 1000 kg.

Nearly 22 tonnes of rice seeds have been commercialised, compared to 15 tonnes in 2016.

The thirty-five dry cereal seed producers selected and trained by Faso Jigi have commercialised almost 50 tonnes of seeds, against an initial target of 15 tonnes.

The percentage of producers members of Faso Jigi who use organic manure, a technique that protects soil fertility, has reached 57%.

What prospects ?

The main objective of Faso Jigi is to continue to increase the volumes of its products on the market.

Faso Jigi also wants to extend the use of organic manure to 80% of producers.

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