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FINDEPRO : getting together for appropriate funding

En Bolivie, face à la difficulté d’obtenir des financements adaptés à leurs besoins, plusieurs organisations de producteurs dans le secteur du café, du cacao et du quinoa ont créé leur propre institution de financement.

Funding small agriculture

FINDEPRO was created in 2011 by three financial entities that were related to producer organisations. It advocates for community-based financial entities created by producers and for more funding dedicated to family farming in Bolivia.

Its main actions are advocacy, in order to defend the interests of producers with the authorities, as well as technical assistance and combined services (technical, training, advice) to its members in order to comply with regulations and improve their access to funding.


The partnership with FINDEPRO began in 2014. SOS Faim had supported one of the founding members (FINCAFE) before.

SOS Faim's support to FINDEPRO's activities is global. It focuses on reinforcing this recent umbrella organisation at the institutional level, so it can provide autonomous and sustainable support to its members.

Encouraging Results

Over the last few years, FINDEPRO has acquired recognition within its sector as well as with financial authorities. Its member entities have become more professionalised and have improved their financial capacities in order to increase the scope of their services.

What prospects ?

While the recognition of producers’ funding organisations by the financial authorities is encouraging for the Bolivian agricultural sector, complying with regulation will be challenging. Indeed, the costs generated by these procedures are too high for these small structures with small incomes and few staff members. In the coming years, they will have to make strategic choices that may involve regrouping and/or merging.

In this perspective, the support and networking of FINDEPRO as well as the research for financial products more adapted to the needs of small producers and their organisations will be even more important.

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