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Insufficient agricultural supply to meet food needs

The province of Kongo-Central disposes of important natural resources : forests, hydrogen, oil, natural gas, etc. However, most of the population does not benefit from these assets, as nearly 70% live below the poverty line. Despite a great amount of agropastoral areas, only 10% of the land is efficiently exploited. The agricultural production of Kongo-Central is therefore unable to meet the food needs of the province, nor those of the City-Province of Kinshasa.

In response to the poverty and food insecurity in rural areas, various farmers’ organisations have collaborated to create a supportive structure for farmers.

FOPAKO in brief

FOPAKO (Farmers’ Force in Kongo-Central) was created in 2010 and brings together organisations of agricultural producers. It is the main provincial federation of producers in Kongo-Central. Its mission is to improve the working and living conditions of farmers.

FOPAKO supports its member organisations in various activities :

  • Strengthening their capacities : training/information, supply of agricultural materials and equipment, support in the production, processing, conservation and marketing of agricultural products
  • Promoting leadership in rural areas
  • Structuring the organisations of agricultural producers
  • Raising awareness and advocating for farmers


FOPAKO's partnership with SOS Faim started in 2011. SOS Faim provides financial aid, aimed at supporting agricultural production, the structuring of the farming sector and institutional support.

FOPAKO’s objectives are to :

  • Strengthen members’ production capacities
  • Participate in the definition of development policies in favour of farmers and the rural world
  • Promote the establishment of frameworks for more consultation and reflection conducive to farmers’ interests
  • Promote the development of agricultural markets
  • Promote farmers’ participation with a gender perspective
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