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Supporting rural communities in Ethiopia

OSRA – Oromo Self-Reliance Association – is a development NGO created in 1995. It aims to improve the daily life of rural communities in the Oromo region of eastern Ethiopia by implementing support programmes, which are designed by and with the rural communities concerned.

These programmes intervene in different areas:

  • Promotion of cereal banks and producer cooperatives
  • Drinking water supply and hygiene education
  • Environmental protection
  • Access to appropriate financial services for rural people


Since 2017, the partnership aims to strengthen the technical and financial capacities of farmers' cooperatives in three areas of the Oromo region: South-West Choa, West-Choa and the Oromia-Finfinnee Special Zone.
SOS Faim works with OSRA at three levels:
- Agricultural production: improvement of techniques, innovations, better management
- Processing and marketing of agricultural products
- Access to financial services: connecting with microfinance institutions

Encouraging Results

At the end of 2019, OSRA achieved the following results:

  • 15 supported producer cooperatives (6882 members)
  • 102 cooperative leaders trained in marketing, market access, financial management and basic accounting
  • 603 producers improved their production and post-harvest management techniques
  • 175 producers have adopted environmentally friendly production techniques

What prospects ?

By the end of 2021, OSRA plans to :

  • Strengthen 16 agricultural cooperatives
  • Give 5,047 producers access to the services of cooperatives (40% of whom are women)
  • Improve the knowledge of 1,400 producers in innovative production techniques, plot management, etc.
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