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Dependence on agricultural inputs

In Diédougou in Mali, farmers buy a lot of agricultural inputs, such as fertilisers and seeds. The Union of Farmers’ Cooperatives USCPCD enables cereal producers to save money and increase their income through methods like the collective commercialisation of their productions, the regeneration of inputs and the diversification of their crops.

Gathering farmers' productions

Created in 2006, the USCPCD consists of seven grassroots cooperatives and counts 2,311 members, including 1,046 women.

Its main activity is the collection and commercialisation of cereals such as sorghum, maize, millet, rice, cowpea and sesame. It also organises the production of certified seeds, and works to strengthen the capacities of its members with guidance on simplified cultivation techniques (reducing ground preparation), conservation of productions and the fight against soil erosion.


Since 2017, SOS Faim's support is both financial and technical, including advice and recommendations about the production of shallots, onions and mushrooms, soil restoration and commercialisation.

Encouraging results

USCPCD’s training courses have been very successful, particularly in the field of gender equality:

  • 49 producers, including 39 women, have been trained in cooperative life, shallot production, harvesting and storage techniques
  • 84 producers, including 56 women, have been trained in collective commercialisation, resulting in the sale of 102 tonnes of seeds (sorghum, maize, millet and rainfed rice) and 1829 tonnes of agricultural products.

In addition, the USCPCD’s action has enabled a diversification of production with the introduction of mushroom cultivation.

What prospects ?

The USCPCD wants to intensify mushroom cultivation, improve storage conditions for onions/shallots, facilitate their collective commercialisation and increase the production quantities of cereals and vegetables.

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