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YERENYETON - Union of Cereal Producers of the Barouéli Circle

In Barouéli, Mali, most farming families can feed themselves from their own production only for a few months after the harvest. Once cereal stocks are used up, they face major difficulties in finding food. It is important to reduce the "hunger gap", which is the period between harvests when farmers have exhausted their own stocks and find it difficult to buy extra food.

Accompanying farmers throughout the entire production phase

Yèrènyèton was born in 1986. In 2012, it obtained the status of a Union of Cooperative Societies, and is now made up of six cooperative societies.

Its objective is, on one hand, to help farmers better manage their food production, and, on the other hand, to guarantee them a good selling price for their products along with a stable income through different tools: storage rooms, collective sales of their products, joint supply of inputs, etc.

Members also receive training in sustainable production techniques such as soil erosion control and composting techniques.

Yèrènyèton & SOS Faim

Since 2017, SOS Faim funds the organisation's operations (staff and activities) and provides advice to Yèrènyèton in the implementation of its activities.

Encouraging results

For the 2016-2017 campaign, a programme set up by Yèrènyèton and SOS Faim has supported 23 seed producers, including two women. It allowed 19.44 ha to be allocated for the production of six different seed varieties.

Despite the bad weather, millet, sorghum and maize yields increased significantly compared to the previous year.

Collective commercialisation led to the sale of more than 280 tonnes of millet, sorghum and sesame.

Finally, vegetable productions also diversified and increased.

What prospects ?

The objective for the coming years is to increase crop volumes, to strengthen production capacities and to improve storage conditions for less losses.

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